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by Calculated Risk on 9/11/2021 02:59:00 PM

Note: I’ve started a newsletter focused solely on real estate. This newsletter is currently completely FREE and also ad free.

At the Calculated Risk Newsletter this week:

o Housing: A Look at “Affordability” Indexes

o Forbearance Will Not Lead to a Huge Wave of Foreclosures

o Homebuilder Comments in August: “Supply shortages are getting worse.”

o 6 Local Housing Markets in August: Denver, Las Vegas, San Diego, North Texas (Dallas/Ft. Worth), Northwest (Seattle), Santa Clara (San Jose)

o 4 More Local Housing Markets in August: Atlanta, New Hampshire, Portland, Sacramento

This will usually be published several times a week, and will provide more in-depth analysis of the housing market.

The blog will continue as always!

You can subscribe at (Currently all content is available for free, but please subscribe).

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