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Real Estate Newsletter Articles this Week

by Calculated Risk on 11/13/2021 02:11:00 PM

At the Calculated Risk Real Estate Newsletter this week:

o A Zillow Flip that Flopped

o Homebuilder Comments in October: “Builders are lifting sales caps” “Lack of lots & land development will hold back growth in 2022”

o 2nd Look at Local Housing Markets in October Inventory in San Diego is at an all time low

o Inventory will Tell the Tale

o “The deal of the Century …” Best to all Veterans

o 3rd Look at Local Housing Markets in October Albuquerque, Atlanta, Colorado, Georgia, Houston, Jacksonville, Minnesota, Portland, Sacramento and Santa Clara

This will usually be published several times a week, and will provide more in-depth analysis of the housing market.

The blog will continue as always!

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